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San Francisco, 1988: CORBAS began as Cafe Corbas, founded by Basul Parik and Corky Engel.

After 9 years and 5 stores, Basul and Corky left the cafe business and went looking to start a new business. With Basul's family history of photography dating back three generations to Prague, his prior work in his family's "Professional Color Laboratory" with Corky, and his work in the 60's with Bill Graham and Fantasy Records, they decided to take a chance on the new digital technology being brought to the video and photography industries.

Corbas Video.

With Corky's knowledge of the newly emerging computer based video editing, they set up a "Video Toaster' Amiga workstation from NewTek and with Basuls photograhy and camera skills, they established a new business specializing in non-linear video editing and digital photography. Some of this early non-linear digital video work can be seen in the CORBAS YouTube channel.